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United 1944 is a WW2 shooter where you make your own guns

Killsquad (opens in new tab) studio Novarama has revealed its new project, a multiplayer FPS set in the Second World War. It’s called United 1944 (opens in new tab), and promises to blend shooter action with strategy and crafting.

The gameplay in the reveal trailer up above looks pretty straightforward as these things go—gunfire, explosions, ruined buildings, and rousing music—but a more detailed explanation of how the game works (opens in new tab) reveals that there’s more going on. Each map in United 1944 has two HQ buildings, one for each team of 16 players, where players will spawn; from there, they’ll fan out across the map in search of “secret documents.” Finding and delivering those documents to HQ will allow players to craft “outpost kits” that will enable teams to capture and control points on the map.

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