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This cordyceps fungus computer is a bit too ‘Last of Us’ for comfort

Computational cordyceps. Fungus-powered logic functions. No, not a cynical Last of Us franchising spin off but the actual direction of research at the aptly titled Unconventional Computing Laboratory, part of the University of the West of England in Bristol, UK. And only slightly less scary than a cordyceps fungus brain monster.

Popular Science (opens in new tab) (via Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab)) has a piece on the work being done by lab lead Professor Andrew Adamatzky and his colleagues. Author of such works as The Science of Slime Mould (opens in new tab), which argues that slime moulds perform complex computations that prove “the absence of a brain does not exclude an amorphous living creature from intelligence,” Adamatzky and co. are reportedly working on actual computers composed, in part, of fungus.

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