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The same devs who ported A Link to the Past to PC are reverse-engineering another SNES classic

The developer group going by snesrev (opens in new tab) on GitHub released an early version of a full port of Super Metroid for PC (opens in new tab) this week. While you’ve effectively been able to play Super Metroid on PC via emulation for decades now, this is a full, native port of the Super Nintendo classic, bypassing any need to emulate the original hardware.

In addition to providing further redundancies in the preservation of classic games, full reverse-engineered ports like this open up the doors for further modding, custom content, and quality of life changes. As Super Metroid’s PC port matures, we may see developers produce new ROM hacks, or true, stretch-free widescreen support (many classic games are restricted to 4:3 with black bars, or can be hideously stretched to fit 16:9).

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