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Steam may get a system to let players take ‘game notes’

“Valve is working on a ‘game notes’ system,” says SteamDB creator and noted Steam dataminer Pavel Djundik (opens in new tab), “which will be available in the Steam library, and on the web.” While “game notes” is vague enough to mean plenty of different things, the consensus expectation is a way of attaching private notes to games to keep track of things while you’re playing, without having to alt-tab away or write them down on paper.

Back in the day, game manuals would often have a blank page or two for notes at the back. An equivalent that could be brought up in the Steam overlay, ideally hosting screenshots and links as well as text notes, sure would be helpful for all those games where you have to remember codes or strings of numbers. So many of my screenshots are random walls with things that might be puzzle clues on them, or dialogue scenes where an NPC gives directions.

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