Resident Evil’s Leon Joins Fortnite’s Gaming Legends, but Fans Not Happy With Missing Details

From Naruto to Dragon Ball Z to Rick and Morty, popular sandbox battle royale Fortnite has been known to be a game that is fearless in collaborating with other franchises.

Numerous crossovers have already appeared in the game, including the latest arrival of Resident Evil 2 and 4 hero Leon S. Kennedy. However, fans and gamers were quite dissatisfied with how he was depicted in the game. Here’s why.

Resident Evil’s Leon Scott Kennedy Arrives in Fortnite

In a surprise move from Epic Games, Raccoon City survivors Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield were recently added to Fortnite’s Gaming Legends series. Outfits and accessories can now be purchased from the Item Shop!

The Attaché Case Back Bling and the Combat Knife Pickaxe, a weapon popular among R.P.D. veterans, are included in Leon S. Kennedy’s outfit. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield’s outfit features the R.P.D. Keys Back Bling and the familiar-looking Umbrella Parasol Pickaxe.

The Resident Evil series fans will be thrilled to see these popular characters in Fortnite. Even so, some fans claim that something is missing from the set.

Fans Say Something’s Missing from Leon S. Kennedy’s Fortnite Outfit

A report from points out that Leon’s signature jacket from Resident Evil 4 was missing from the outfit, leaving him half-dressed. Of course, a number of fans took to Twitter their frustration with missed detail.


Gamers soon compared Leon’s character model to that of fellow Resident Evil heroes Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, both of whom had multiple options for outfits throughout the game.

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While Leon is lacking his iconic jacket, he does come with a knife that works as a Fortnite pickaxe and an attache case that doubles as a back bling. Even if his outfit is lacking, these items provide a touch of authenticity to his character model.

Fortnite also features Claire Redfield, another Resident Evil character. She appears in her Resident Evil 2 outfit, but like Leon, she has no other available style options.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Despite Leon’s lack of outfit options, the comeback of the Resident Evil characters is nevertheless a reason for excitement for many gamers. The Fortnite and Resident Evil collab comes ahead of the highly anticipated release of the Resident Evil 4 remake later this month.

It is regrettable that Leon is not sporting his iconic Resident Evil 4 jacket. There may yet be time for Epic Games to implement a patch before the game’s release.

Read Tech Times’ coverage of Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake here.

In Other News

After the release of “Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War,” Epic Games Store has recently confirmed that it will deliver two free games beginning March 23.

That allows Epic Games Store users to get two more free games before next week.

Users of the Epic Games Store can also begin playing “World of Warships – Starting Pack: Ishizuchi” and “Chess Ultra” on March 23.

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