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Put another notch on Google’s axe, Stadia’s switch to a licenced streaming platform is dead too

When Google shut down underperforming game-streaming service Stadia, the company announced a plan to keep the tech underlying it alive in the form of “Immersive Stream for Games”, which it licenced out so other companies could let their customers play games online. One high-profile result was Resident Evil Village’s demo you could play in a browser, but the same tech was behind AT&T letting subscribers play Batman: Arkham Knight and fitness-bike maker Peloton launching a game called Lanebreak (turns out, virtual cycling games are big business).

In the midst of promoting a bundle of tools Google Cloud offers game publishers (opens in new tab) to support their live service games, reporter Stephen Totilo mentioned that the Stadia tech is no longer available to license (opens in new tab).

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