Leon and Claire from the Resident Evil movie are new characters in the Legends of Video Games series of Fortnite

Epic Games expanded the Legends of Videogame series in Fortnite with new characters. The game introduced characters from the Survivor’s Evil series, including Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. You can buy them separately for 1.600 V-Bucks each, or as part of the Survivors of Raccoon City Bundle, which sells 2200 V-Bucks.

Besides them, other themed items like the casey and the pawn, the Combat Knife and Umbrella picks and the aforementioned items. If the costumed ones are given and the art’s be purchased separately, then the pickaxes will also be bought in addition to the Survivors of Raccoon City set.

Recall that during the first and fourth season of the Fortnite chapter, the owners of the battle pass can unlock Eren Yeager from the anime anime series Attack on Titan.

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