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I won’t say no to an out-of-the-blue update to this three-year-old, free, Mario-themed FPS demo

The phrase “Super Mario FPS” conjures up a certain image for me: a custom Counter-Strike: Source gun game map maybe, or a really edgy Doom WAD like the so-rad-they-took-it-down Bikini Bottom Massacre (opens in new tab). Something in the spirit of, ahem, “tribal” tattoo Mario (opens in new tab), basically. Developer Sean Noonan’s Super 1-1 (opens in new tab), on the other hand, is more of a wholesome, good-hearted take on the concept.

We first reported (opens in new tab) on Noonan’s concept back in 2019, and the developer gave it a full release early the next year. Nintendo’s crack legal division seemed to give it a stay of execution, and that looked like the end of things until just this week. On March 11, Noonan published an update to Super 1-1 that adds new collectibles, back-end tweaks, and rendering updates. The full changes are listed here:

  • Updated project from 4.26 to 4.27
  • Significant project cleanup
  • Added some new coin locations
  • Updated all models, animations, textures, effects and materials
  • Added foliage in the form of grass tufts, small rocks and other small details
  • New and improved water (!)
  • New and improved sky (!)
  • Fixed numerous LOD’s
  • Fixed a bunch of shadow issues
  • Fixed depth of field
  • General performance improvements
  • Improved character controls
  • Additional game options
  • Added mouse control to in-game menus
  • Made trees “fun” 😀 [Editor’s note: they have eyes that turn to follow the player as they pass now]
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