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I thought I was a Resident Evil pro until I tried the max-difficulty hell mode hidden in RE4’s demo

Game devs always love giving their “very hard” mode some kind of goofy name. You know: “Insanity,” “Nightmare,” “I am Death incarnate!,” “Hell Bastard Apocalypse,” something cute like that. The ultra-difficult “Mad Chainsaw Mode” hidden in the Resident Evil 4 demo (opens in new tab) is one of the first to truly feel like it deserves its epithet, though.

Mad Chainsaw mode menu screen describing its intense challenge, run-limited nature, and that it will not be in the final game

(Image credit: Capcom)

First reported by Eurogamer (opens in new tab), you have a random chance of unlocking the mode each time you start a new run of the demo⁠—it’s unclear if you have to finish it once to unlock the opportunity. Mad Chainsaw Mode ramps up enemy HP, poise, and aggression while also mixing up their placement, and I hear tell that beloved Chainsaw Guy Dr. Salvador (where’d he get his degree, anyway?) is swapped for his crazy-strong Mercenaries Mode alter-ego Giant Chainsaw Man (opens in new tab) during the big dust-up at the end of the demo. But I didn’t make it that far.

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