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Hyenas could have real potential if it wasn’t knee-deep in metacringe

Even after seeing a 20-minute preview, I’m a little confused about what Hyenas is trying to be. It feels so far removed from Creative Assembly’s prior catalogue, but here’s what I do know: it’s a PvPvE looter shooter that’s a little too desperate for you to know how quirky and self-aware it is. It’s colourful and bombastic but also so deeply, deeply cringe.

Earth has gone to shit, the billionaires have pissed off to Mars and left the little people to fend for themselves on…The Taint. Status doesn’t appear to come from wealth in Hyenas, but rather from owning piles of pop culture tat. Inevitably the preview is packed with some not-so-subtle winks and nudges for Sega’s library and even some non-blue blur outings like Fall Guys. 

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