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Halo Infinite’s new update is good (now do it again)

It’s a good time to return to the 2021 shooters that got a critical walloping at release. In case you haven’t heard, Battlefield 2042 is really good now (opens in new tab), and I’m starting to feel better about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer after last week’s Season 3: Echoes Within update.

First, the good stuff: Season 3 added two new Arena maps (Chasm and Cliffhanger) and one Big Team Battle map (Oasis). Halo Infinite has been in dire need of map injections since the day it launched and I’m glad to report that all three of these are winners so far. I’m especially enjoying Chasm, which might take the award for Halo-est Halo map 343 has put out yet.

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