Fortnite’s FNCS 2023 Schedule – Dates, Events, and more

The wait is finally over! We have all the details about the Fortnite FNCS 2023. Learn about the dates, events, and more in this article.

As the professional gaming scene faces uncertainty, Epic Games has announced plans for the Fortnite FNCS 2023 tournament. The competition will span the majority of the year and conclude with a Global Championship event held in person.

This announcement comes as a welcome relief to many in the Esports community, as many organizations have been cutting ties with professional players. This news from Epic Games may be one of the most positive developments in recent times. In this article, we will be giving you more information about the Fortnite FNCS 2023 tournament.

Fortnite FNCS 2023 Schedule

The Fortnite FNCS 2023 tournament is set to begin on February 2, 2023. The competition, which will last for an entire year, will consist of several phases. The first phase is FNCS Major 1, followed by FNCS Major 2 and FNCS Major 3. The final two phases include the “Last Chance Major” and the Global Championship. Here is a breakdown of the schedule:

  • FNCS Major 1: February 2 – March 5
  • FNCS Major 2: April 13 – May 14
  • FNCS Major 3: July 20 – August 20
  • FNCS Last Chance Major: August 24 – 27
  • FNCS Global Championship 2023: Late 2023 (TBA)

Keep in mind that the dates provided for the FNCS Majors include the “Surge Week” and “Grand Finals” events.

Fortnite FNCS 2023 Format

The Fortnite FNCS 2023 tournament will have a unique format compared to previous years. To begin with, the tournament will only feature Duos matches. The competition will take place throughout the year, spanning multiple Seasons of Chapter 4. Additionally, players will have to contend with the rotating loot pool, with some Majors potentially being more challenging than others. Each Major will be divided into three distinct stages:

  • Weekly Competition
  • Surge Week
  • Grand Finals

This format would bring a new level of excitement to the game and provide players with new opportunities to showcase their skills.

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The Weekly Competition phase of the Fortnite FNCS 2023 will take place over the course of three weeks. Each week, players will compete for four consecutive days. After three weeks, the top two pairs on the Series Leaderboard will advance to the FNCS Major 1 Grand Finals.

The next phase is Surge Week, which is a two-day event that provides players who did not qualify in the Weekly Competition with a chance to earn a spot in the next round. Lastly, following the completion of FNCS Major 1, 2, and 3, there will be an FNCS Last Chance Major where professional players can still qualify for the FNCS Global Championship 2023.


As stated in the official announcement, the Fortnite FNCS 2023 Global Championship will be an in-person LAN tournament held in Copenhagen, Denmark in the fourth quarter of the year. Players will have the option of participating in person or watching the event on a live stream. There will be 75 top duos competing for a share of the substantial prize pool.

Although the details are limited at this point, Epic Games has provided a general timeline for the Fortnite FNCS 2023 Championship. It will take place in late 2023, during Chapter 4, Season 4. It is expected to start in mid-to-late September and conclude the current storyline.


The total prize pool for Fortnite FNCS 2023 is an impressive $10,000,000. The prize pool for each of the three Major stages (1,2, and 3) will be $2,000,000, and the Global Championship will have a prize pool of $4,000,000.

In addition to the prize money, players may also have the opportunity to earn other rewards such as in-game items and cosmetics. This has been the case in previous years, and it is likely that the same will apply to Fortnite FNCS 2023. Information about additional rewards should be provided by Epic Games soon.

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