‘Fortnite’ Reveals Its Chapter 4, Season 2 Eren Yeager ‘Attack On Titan’ Skin

The leaks and rumors were true. After doing a deal with Call of Duty for a somewhat awkward Eren Yeager skin, he’s now heading to Fortnite where he should get a more faithful representation.

Fortnite Chapter 4, season 2, its “MEGA” season, has just shown off its Eren Yeager Attack on Titan skin for the first time in a new teaser image.

Above, we can see the original, Titan-slaying form of Eren looking out over Fortnite’s upcoming Cyberpunk-ish Mega City, which appears to be the main vibe of the upcoming offering. It’s not just our first look at Eren (from behind at least), but our first real look at the city itself, which looks like a substantial new POI in the game, possibly one of the biggest and most expansive we’ve ever seen.

As for Eren, rumor has it that he’s the secret skin for this season like Geralt was, so you won’t be able to unlock him until later on. It’s not clear yet what alternate styles he may have, and I do wonder if they’re going to do a Titan form. I also sort of wonder if the game would ever consider doing a full Titan transformation as a Mythic item on the map, though perhaps a giant nude Titan running around wouldn’t work with Fortnite’s Teen rating, I’m not sure.

As for the season itself, it’s getting close now. Chapter 4, season 2 launches tomorrow, March 10, whenever servers go back online early in the morning. Epic has taken the unusual step of showing off several full battle pass skins well ahead of time, though I suppose that may be because so many leaked before release.

As for Eren and the Attack on Titan crossover, I do wonder if he will be accompanied by more characters from the anime in time. While Geralt never got Ciri or Yennefer as companions as the secret skin, most of Fortnite’s anime crossovers like Naruto or Dragonball Z do end up with more than one skin eventually, so we’ll have to wait and see if we get Mikasa, Armin or Levi skins later.

It’s not Eren, but this new sprawling city that has me eager to check out the new season of Fortnite tomorrow. I really love Night City in Cyberpunk 2077, and this absolutely looks like it’s trying to channel that. Wait a second, could Fortnite end up getting Cyberpunk anime or game crossover skins? If so, that’s an instant buy.

Update: Here’s an early look at Eren in-game via leakers:

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