Fortnite Character locations – Every Chapter 4 NPC Location

NPCs have become a major part of the game with recent Fortnite Chapters. They now hand out rare exotic weapons, transform you into a prop, and even join you as a permanent teammate! They can be tricky to pin down though. If you’re using the same Fortnite landing spots, you might go through an entire season only seeing the same half of the NPCs! Knowing all of the Fortnite Character locations can really expand your options.

Knowing where to find each of the character locations Fortnite has is vital. You can then easily find any resource you need, no matter where you have to rotate through. Knowing exactly where to find NPCs and what services they can offer can give you the edge. This is where you can track down all of them.


Fortnite Character Locations

NPCs have been a part of Fortnite for all seasons after Chapter 2. They move around and change with each new map though. These are all of the Fortnite Chapter 4 character locations!

  • Aura – Crude Harbor, far north in the map.
  • Evie – Shore Shack, southwest of Shattered Sabs
  • Frozen Fishstick – A cabin near the large frozen lake.
  • Frozen Red Knight – Brutal Bastion
  • Omega Knight – Secluded Spire, southwest of Slappy Shores
  • Princess Felicity Fish – Western Watch, the tower southwest of the Citadel
  • Raptorian the Brave – Pleasant Passage, east of Shattered Slabs
  • Neymar Jr – Slappy Shores
  • Scrapknight Jules – Faulty Splits
  • Helsie – Faulty Splits
  • Joni the Red – Rowdy Acres, southwest of Frenzy Fields
  • Snowhear – Cold Cavern, northwest of Brutal Bastion
  • Sunflower – Frenzy Fields
  • Surr Burger – Anvil Square
  • Wild Card – Shattered Slabs
  • Diamond Diva – Meadow Mansion

There are only 16 NPCs this season, which is fewer than in the past. They won’t all spawn at once though. Like in other seasons, they rotate. In some games, not everyone will be here. You might have to do a few games to fill up your book of contacts for the season! A lot of the NPCs will alternate when they’re in close proximity to others.

For example, if Jules is at Faulty Splits, you’re probably not going to find the other character. Most areas work on a rotation like this, with characters not having a 100% chance of spawning. If they’re carrying the only version of their exotic weapon, then you can’t access it in that game. Not all of the character locations Fortnite has are active in each game.

Fortnite Character Locations – NPCs That Drop from the Sky

Those are all of the predictable Fortnite character locations. Although, it’s not all of them. One new feature in Chapter 4 is NPC literally dropping out of the sky at random. There is a second category of NPC which are entirely unpredictable.

These characters, and usually a little set-up for them, rift in mid-game. This is a new type of Fortnite Chapter 4 character location. You’ll spot them by the rift in the sky, sometimes dropping an entire truck. They’ll fall down and then do their activity where they drop. For some, it’s giving out ice cream, while others hand out weapons or heal. One of them is just peacefully raising chickens and will cry if you kill them. These are completely unpredictable, so just keep an eye out for rifts if you want to find one of these NPCs.

This new type of NP is a fun addition. It might even factor into Fortnite esports if a player happens on a healing NPC at the right time.

The Ageless

The only other one of the Fortnite character locations this season is the Ageless. This is a boss that drops a Mythic version of both the Shockwave Hammer and the Ex-Caliber Rifle. He can be found wandering around the Citadel. This is a Boss character though, while an NPC he’s not the traditional type of NPCs. You can’t talk to him, you’ll have to kill him if you want the loot.

This is the only one of the Fortnite Chapter 4 character locations that fit the normal boss model though. Although, more bosses might come over time so keep an eye out for Fortnite news.

That’s where you can find every character this season. While there are fewer Fortnite NPC locations for predictable characters, the random drops and boss characters help to make sure the map still feels plenty alive.

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