DreamHack Atlanta 2022 Winner!

Players worldwide flew to Atlanta, USA, for one of the most important LAN events since the last 2019 World Cup. Players will compete for a prize pool of $100.000,

It was exciting to see the upcoming North American player “Seek” taking the high ground and conquering the first victory royale of the day!

Game 2 concludes with a 1v1 between MrSavage, who had highround, and Shadow1x, who was playing on low ground, with the last one winning the game and advancing in the leaderboard.

The third game was the most interesting: Threats, a professional player for Manchester City Esports, finished in seventh place, killing six opponents. Other notable performances are Ajers, Kickz, and Queasy, who advance in the rankings. The victory royale is taken home by Casqer with four kills.

The fourth match resulted in many changes in the rankings: Casqer placed eighth, bringing home 48 points, and he keeps himself in the top 6. Pamstou, Okis, and Cam finish the match in the top 4 with several kills, advancing to the top 11,10, and 9, respectively. The winner of the match is PapiBlast, who surprises everyone by ending the game with seven kills and moving to second place in the standings.

In the fifth game, we find one of the finest performances of the tournament, this time by PaMstou, who wins the game by destroying all opponents by killing 10 in total! He advanced to the top 2 overall, just 20 points behind Boltz in the first place. In the last game, we will see who can take the trophy home!

The last game kept us breathing down our necks until the end. The Top 2, composed of Boltz and Pamstou, die in the top 45, opening up many comeback chances for other players. Npen wins the last game with two kills moving into the top 11. Kami clutched 73 points and advanced to the top 15 in the final leaderboard. The winner of the tournament is Boltz, who manages to amaze everyone!

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