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Diablo 4 character creation: How it works and what it looks like

My Diablo 4 beta barbarian is a certified beefcake named Duncan. I already love how he looks before I’ve looted the perfect armor set, and that’s all thanks to Diablo 4‘s simple, but effective character creation. 

Custom characters are new to the Diablo series, and while you won’t find as much granularity here as a modern MMO, Diablo 4 lets you tweak just enough variables to feel like you’re starting the game with a character that’s personal to you. There are three playable classes in the pre-order beta right now (Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue) with two more being added in next weekend’s open beta (Necromancer and Druid). As far as we can tell, the appearance options for each class are the same, other than the difference in body sizes between muscly barbarians and nimble rogues.

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