Best Landing Spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

Players looking for ideal landing spots in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two have plenty of options, thanks to a big map refresh that’s brought new Japanese-inspired locations to the world of Fortnite. While players will still come across many familiar landmarks, the south-eastern portion of the Fortnite island now embodies this season’s “Mega” theme. From the neon-lit streets of MEGA City to the traditional zen gardens and cherry blossom trees of Steamy Springs, players have lots of new places to explore.


The latest map refresh hasn’t touched some areas of the Fortnite island, so many of Fortnite Chapter Four Season One’s best landing spots, such as Slappy Shores and Frenzy Fields, are still great locations for players to start their matches. However, this season’s newly introduced locations have much to offer players. Whether players prefer to land in hot zones for fast-paced early game gun fights, at spots off the beaten path for a quieter start, or something in between, Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two map refresh has introduced several great locations that make for fantastic landing spots.

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MEGA City: Everything Players Need, At A Cost

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing By Ramen Shop Sign In MEGA City Landing Spot

Located in the middle of the southwestern part of the Fortnite island, MEGA City is a dense Japanese-inspired urban area dominated by neon-lit tower blocks and giant holograms. Fortnite players can slide around, using grind rails to move quickly between the different towers.

Players can find just about everything they might need here, including high-quality starting gear, vehicles including newly added futuristic cars and motorcycles, and useful consumables. MEGA City is a massive Point of Interest, and players can spend lots of time exploring its side streets, shops, and restaurants.

Although players can potentially put themselves in a great position for the rest of the game by landing at MEGA City, they should be aware that many other players are thinking the same thing. To survive, players will need to fight, grab weapons, and unlock new Fortnite augments to get an edge over their opponents. Traversal is a vital survival tool in MEGA City, with grind rails, zip lines and a dense urban environment that players can use to outwit and outsmart their opponents.

Kenjutsu Crossing: For Studying The Blade

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing Outside Kenjutsu Crossing Castle Keep Landing Spot

Kenjutsu Crossing is perhaps the best location for players looking to get to grips with this season’s new weapons. Last season, mastery of Fortnite’s Shockwave Hammer gave players an advantage in close-quarters melee combat that was hard to beat.

This season, players can acquire the Kinetic Blade, a futuristic katana with a devastating knockback and dash attack. Kenjutsu Crossing features a sprawling castle complex, with smaller buildings that often contain chests, and a multi-level central keep filled with gear and loot.

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing Inside Kenjutsu Crossing Castle Keep Top Room

Players can also claim a Kinetic Blade at multiple spots throughout the castle and its surrounding areas, making it a highly popular landing spot. However, a great strategy that players can use is to land at the very top of the castle keep, where they’ll find a small chamber containing two loot chests and a stand that holds a Kinetic Blade. Players will soon find it’s more than one of Fortnite’s temporary gimmicks.

Steamy Springs: For Tough Early-Game Battles

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing In Steamy Springs Zen Garden Landing Spot

Steamy Springs is relatively unassuming compared to MEGA City and Kenjutsu Crossing, but it’s often just as chaotic. Players landing here will find a small dojo complex surrounded by zen gardens and cherry blossom trees, with buildings that contain quality starting gear. It’s a great landing spot for players who enjoy a challenge; the combination of quality gear and wide open spaces often means that quite a few players will try their luck here.

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Solo players should find a good balance between fighting and grabbing gear here. However, duos, trios and squads will have to be particularly skilled to survive after landing here, as there isn’t nearly as much loot to go around compared to MEGA City. Despite that, players will find their scenic natural surroundings offer natural resources, including Fortnite’s wild Sky Jellies, that can’t be found on the streets of the big city.

Shattered Slabs: For Lots Of Loot And Kinetic Ore

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing Near Shattered Slabs Capture Point Landing Spot

Shattered Slabs remains essentially unchanged from Fortnite Chapter Four Season One, and with more players landing at new locations, it’s become a bit quieter and more manageable. Players landing here will find a marble slab quarry with lots of high-quality gear and useful items, including Slap Juice and Slurp Barrels that can be broken for a health boost.

Much of the action has moved to MEGA City far to the southeast, so players can expect a somewhat quieter start.

Players shouldn’t necessarily expect total peace and quiet, but as fewer players visit, there’s more loot to go around and plenty of weapons that can be used to eliminate any opponents causing trouble. Blocks of Fortnite’s Kinetic Ore also allow players to quickly move on from Shattered Slabs once they’ve secured some starting gear.

Lonely Labs: For A Quieter Start

Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two Player Standing At Lonely Labs Outpost Landing Spot

Lonely Labs is a small outpost located on a remote iceberg on the northeastern edge of Fortnite island. Last season, it was a great landing spot for players who wanted a bit of a quieter start, and this still holds true in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Two. Again, it’s still not quite as lonely as its name would suggest, but for now, many players have their eyes on MEGA City and this season’s new Points of Interest.

Whether it’s grinding rails on the futuristic streets of MEGA City or challenging opponents to duels at Kenjutsu Crossing, players have lots of choice when it comes to choosing landing spots. Players can prioritize completing their quests or focus on claiming those coveted Victory Royales. Choosing a landing spot is a decision that can make or break a Fortnite match before it’s even begun, but any of these locations should serve players well in their efforts to earn Battle Stars and claim battle pass rewards.

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