All Victory Crown Rogue locations in Fortnite Chapter 4, season 2

Fortnite has started the second chapter of its fourth season with a bang, bringing a new biome and multiple new vehicles to the game. Many players are eager to try the new car and bike out for themselves, but they need to know where to find them. The Victory Crown Rogue is arguably the fastest vehicle in the game, speeding across the map thanks to its Nitro boost.

There don’t seem to be specific spawns for the Victory Crown Rogue, but it does seem like there are a couple of places that are pretty reliable. Here’s all the information you need to know about all of the Victory Crown Rogue locations in Fortnite Chapter Four, season two.

Where are the Victory Crown Rogues located in Fortnite?

There are a number of locations alongside the southeast part of the map that will be able to spawn Victory Crown Rogues at the start of the match, according to It looks like your best bet of finding one in each match would be to go around the border of the Mega City, which has the potential for nine different spawns.

Be aware that these aren’t guaranteed spawns, just where they can show up. Use the map above or consider checking the following locations, going from north to south:

  • One located in the middle of Slappy Shores
  • One located in the south of Slappy Shores
  • Two at the gas station to the west of Slappy Shores
  • One on the dead-end part of that road by that gas station
  • Three are located at the race track to the southwest of Slappy Shores
  • Two along the road leading northeast out of the Mega City
  • Nine located around the border of the Mega City
  • Four on the road northwest of Kenjutsu Crossing
  • Three on the road north and east of Steamy Springs
  • Two on the road south and west of Frenzy Fields

There are plenty of spawns for the new Victory Crown Rogue bike around the island, with players able to find a wide variety around the southern part of the island. It seems that these bikes rifted in with the new map alongside the Mega City. They have a considerable boost and can hit turns pretty well, making them great to drive through the Mega City or across the wide-open areas of the map.

Players should land in or around Mega City for the best chance at finding a bike quickly, but that’s also going to be the landing spot for a lot of players. If your only ambition is a bike, you’ll need to get it and drive out of the city as fast as you can.

That’s all you need to know about how to find the Victory Crown Rogue bike in Fortnite Chapter Four, season two.

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