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32 years later, Toxic Crusaders is getting a new beat ’em up

Toxic Crusaders was a curious early ’90s cartoon for kids, based on a schlocky, campy action film series that was emphatically not for kids. I never saw the cartoon, which possibly never aired outside of the United States, but I am familiar with The Toxic Avenger series it was based on. That series has spawned four films, and all are incredibly silly, varying levels of offensive, and often obscenely violent. 

It’s the Troma Entertainment house style, basically, and a newly announced Toxic Crusaders videogame appears to be just as much a celebration of Troma as the Crusaders themselves. In a similar vein to the early ’90s Toxic Crusaders games, this new one is a sidescrolling beat ’em up a la Streets of Rage or, more recently, Shredder’s Revenge. Playable characters include Toxie, No-Zone, Junkyard, Major Disaster, Headbanger, Yvonne and Mrs. Junko. 

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